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Visitor Safety

Attention for visitors

The Entrance Arched Gate of the Central Cross-Isla
【Driving safety 】
  1. Check out the official websites of Taroko National Park, Nantou and Hualien County Governments to understand traffic regulations in the snow season, snow (road) situation, service items, safety instructions, and some other traveling information.
  2. Repair of car in the mountains is difficult. Please be sure to examine the cars and your repair tools before setting off.
  3. Roads in this area are prone to be frozen all over 106K to 112K at Hwy. No. 8 (Central Cross-Island Highway); 39K, 37K and 34.5K (at Kenanguan) to 29.3K (at Kunyang)at Wushe Branch of Hwy. No. 14A. Drive with caution and avoid driving at nights or early mornings.
  4. When driving in the snowing area, please drive out of the area as soon as possible to avoid being trapped by snow piles.
  5. Please equip cars with skid chains when you plan to drive along roads covered with considerable snow.
  6. Follow the instructions by traffic controllers in the snow season.
【Personal safety during outdoor activities】
  1. Mountain sickness easily occurs in the mountainous areas. Please do not carelessly take medicine (like pain-killers). Besides going to the nearest medical station, patients should immediately go downhill.
  2. The weather is extremely damp and cold in the high mountains. Please carry enough clothes to keep off moisture and coldness when traveling in low temperature areas.
  3. Piled up snow on mountains glisten brightly. Please wear sunglasses and caps to prevent snow blindness.
  4. Recommended personal equipment include: thick clothing, coats, rain-jackets, gloves, scarves, woolen cap, hats, sunglasses, thermos, medical lipsticks, pocket warmers, flashlights, portable oxygen cylinders, personal medicine, cell phones (Chungwha Telecom has better reception along the Central Cross-Island Highway).
【Other notices】
  1. If you need lodging, please make inquiries and reservations in advance. Moreover, please bring the portable grain rations and thermos with you.
  2. The water supply in Mt. Hohuan is unstable and pipes in the winter are easily frozen. Please solve these physical problems before entering the mountains.
  3. The treatment of litter is difficult during the snow season; the environment cannot easily be maintained. Please do not litter on the mountains.