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Travel Guide


Dingshan-Shitiling path trip
Fongguikou - silvergrass path - cryptomeria forest - Dingshan - Shitiling - Chingtienkang.
※ Road conditions for hiking: gentle slope, smooth ground, the shaded trail, etc. The whole route is around 6km.
Chisinshan natural trip
Lengshuikeng Visitor center- the boulevard-Chisin Park- Menghuan Pond - Xiaoyoukeng Geologic Landscape Area -Bamboo path-Xiaoguanying station and parking lot.
※ Road conditions for hiking:gentle slope, smooth ground, and steep descending slope, etc. The whole route is around 4.5km.
Jingbaoli Avenue trip
Lengshuikeng-Chingtienkang-the city gate-Baierkan stream- Shanjhufong Housing Site -the guarry- Hsuyen bridge-Shanghuanshi bridge-the Royal Bus- Jiantan MRT station or Shilin MRT station-260 bus terminal-230 (S9 or 219)- Bientou MRT station.
※ For this route, people with heart diseases, high blood pressure and such, please be aware of your own ability and health condition.
Mentienshan natural trip
Chisinshan station-Kalahka hiking path- Erziping path entrance- Erzihping Trailhead -Erziping-Mentienshan mountain climbing entrance- Mentienshan mountain climbing entrance-Mentien and Pinglin boulevard- xiangten pond-Shinfuliao.
※ The road conditions for hiking: level ground, gentle slope, steep descending slope, etc. The whole route is around 5.1 km.
Hot springs - Longfong Valley Trip
Yangmingshan National Park, Longfong Valley (Dragon Phoenix Valley) Geologic Landscape Area -Pugi temple- Geothermal Valley -Beitou river-Beitou Hot Springs Museum- Shibeitou MRT station.

【Theme Tours】

Spring Trip of Blossom festival
Taipei → the terminal bus stop of Taipei City Bus 260 → the sidewalk-driveway separated path → Visitor Center → the sidewalk-driveway separated path → Zhongsing Rd. → Yangmingshuwu →Yangming Park → the terminal bus stop of Taipei City Bus 260. → returning home.
Summer Trip of Butterfly Watch
Taipei-Bylaka highway-Datunshan vehicle entrance-Erziping path -Erziping-Datun natural Park-Datunshan vehicle entrance.
Autumn Trip of Japanese Silvergrass and Culture
Taipei-Lake of wild pig-Chuansi waterfall-Chingtienkang-the city gate-Jingbaoli Avenue-Hanbintsuo place-the quarry-wild pig place-Hsuyen bridge-Bayen-return home.
Winter Trip of Hot Spring and Geology
Taipei-Yanggin highway-Chisinshan station- Xiaoyoukeng -main peak of Chisinshan-Chisin Park- Menghuan Pond -Hot spring in Lengshuikeng -return home.