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Visitor Safety

Emergency Contact Agencies

Alocasia Macrorrhiza
AgencyPhone Numbers
Yangmingshan National Park Rescue and Protect Agency 24 hours Hotline:(02)28613601
Yangmingshan Police Corps:(02)28613609
Health and Medical Agency Taipei Veterans General Hospital:(02)2871-2121
Taipei Municipal Yangming Hospital:(02)2835-3456 Shingkuang Hospital:(02)2833-2211
Tamshui Mackay Hospital:(02)2809-4661
Tamshui First Hospital:(02)2623-6601
Shanchin Taian Hospital:(02)2637-1600
Taipei Department of Health -Emergency Bureau (3rd branch):(02)2720-5270
Department of Health- Serum control Center:(02)2785-7358
Veterans General Hospital, Antidote and Drug Control Center:(02)2875-7525
Fire and National Police Agency Airborne Police Service Center:(02)2715-558 4ext.105
Duty Command Center, Taipei City Fire Department:(02)2758-7865
Yangmingshan Fire Department:(02)28616119
Shanzaihou Police Station:(02)2861-6431
Tianmu Fire Department:(02)2871-4111
Shilin Police Station:(02)2881-3856
Beitu Police Station:(02)2891-4521
Yangmingshan Park Administration Office:(02)2861-6553
Taipei County Police Station:(02)2253-5110
Tamshui Police Station (in charge of Tamshui, Shanchin, Shinmen):(02)2621-2069
Hsichih Police Station (in charge of Jinshan, Wanli):(02)3641-2610
Mountain Rescue Agency

Taiwan Headquarters S.A.R
Taipei City Office (02)2823-6195 
Taipei County Office (02)2920-1424

Mountain Rescue Agency Beitou Branch:(02)28361006