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Visitor Safety

Attention for visitors

steep mountain
【The must-know for engagement in various activities】
  1. Road conditions in the mountain area are unstable. Falling rocks or landslide could happen easily. Please do not stay or take photographs at dangerous zones where there are falling rocks and landslides.
  2. In the summer afternoons, intermittent rain or dense fog form frequently, whereas in winter, the surface of the road could easily freeze up and becomes slippery. Please drive carefully and reduce speed.
  3. Along the provincial highway, Taiwan rock-monkeys, Mikado Pheasants and Swinhoe’s Pheasant often appear. Drive carefully and please do not feed the animals.
  4. From June to November every year, is the breeding period for killer bees, of when they could be easily terrified and sting on people. Please be cautious.
  5. For mountain hiking, please equip yourself with sufficient mountain hiking equipment and in accordance with the regulations. In addition, getting mountain/park entrance permit ready beforehand is required.
  6. Leaving the team and acting alone, leaving the trail without the knowledge of other members and taking shortcuts are strictly prohibited during mountain hiking. Also, do not linger along the way.
  7. Water resource is scarce in the mountain area. Please conserve on water usage.
  8. Be careful while cooking with fire to avoid the outbreak of fire in the forests.
  9. Please do not litter and bring the garbage downhill.
  10. Please abide stringently on the principle of countryside activities, “Leave nothing but footprints; take nothing but photographs,” in order to protect the environment of the nature, leaving behind a land of purity for later generations.