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nvestigation records the presence of bats near Taoshan Falls and yellow-throated martens in the Sixiu Mountains


Since 1992, the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters has been dedicated to research into and conservation of local mountain wildlife as well as environmental education. Over the last ten years, the park has been updating surveys and records of species in the Wuling Farm Recreation Area and on the Mount Sylvania and Xueshan Trails. This year, the park commissioned a research team from Tunghai University to conduct an investigation into local wildlife and use infrared photography to collect valuable images of local wildlife. This investigation took the team into the mountains along the Wuling Four Seasons Trail in the Qijia River Wetlands Nature Reserve.

The first stage of the investigation has uncovered a wealth of information regarding the bats residing in the surrounding area of Wuling's Taoshan Falls. Additionally, investigators have noted the presence of the protected Formosan yellow-throated martens in the areas surrounding the Xinda and Taoshan Cabins, the main rest stops along Wuling's Sixiu Trail. The investigation is expected to last two years, and in future the results will be integrated with the outcomes of similar investigations into different areas of the Shei-Pa National Park to provide an overall picture of the current state of the park's ecosystem.


the bats residing in the surrounding area of Wuling's Taoshan Falls
A protected Formosan yellow-throated martens is looking at a Formosan Reeve's muntjac
Drawing of partial enlargement of the previous picyure