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Two Additional Accessible Attractions in Kenting National Park Revealed

On July 24, 2018, the Ministry of the Interior announced the creation of accessible paths at Taiwan's Southernmost Point and Longluan Lake in Kenting National Park.

The Southernmost Point accessible footpath is approximately 472 meters long and terminates at the viewing platform at the Southernmost Point of Taiwan, allowing all visitors to witness the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the Bashi Channel. The Longluan Lake accessible path is around 550 meters long, connecting the lake itself with the Longluan Nature Center located on the lake's west side, where visitors can observe the habitats of the local migratory and non-migratory birds, as well as the lake's seasonal scenery. Both paths are approximately three meters wide, with level surfaces allowing for maximum ease and comfort.

The Ministry of the Interior has expressed its commitment to providing accessible facilities as part of the overall development of the nation's national parks, and it will continue improving park facilities to fulfill this goal, thereby providing a more complete experience for park visitors and allowing those with mobility issues to enjoy the country's national parks and embrace nature.

The Southernmost Point accessible footpath, a total of four pictures

The Southernmost Point accessible footpath